What To Expect

It is natural to feel nervous when embarking on a therapy journey for yourself, your child, or your family. Services provided at Wheatland County Counselling are fully confidential. 

Child & Family Therapy

Child and family therapy always begins with a thorough intake appointment with all parents/guardians, ideally even seperated or divorced parents are present. This appointment takes place without any children in order to allow for free discussion of a child or family's concerns, history and goals. 

Following the intake appointment and signing of all appropriate consent forms by all parties, the child or family will attend 2-4 assessment sessions. Following the assessment phase, a treatment plan is developed and a feedback session is scheduled with parents to review treatment goals or necessary intervention. Review of progress is ongoing. A child will be most successful in therapy when their parents or guardians are fully involved and invested in the therapy process.

Individual (Adult) Therapy

Individual therapy begins with 2-3 assessment sessions. Individuals will work closely with the therapist to discuss their history, challenges, and formulate treatment goals. 

Individual (Adolescent) Therapy

The initial phase of therapy for adolescents depends on the age and specific needs of the adolescent. Elements of both child and individual therapy are present during the initial stages of intake with adolescents, unique to each teen and family.