Divorced/Separated Parents

Unique policies apply when working with a child from a family where parents are divorced or separated. Standards of Practice in Alberta require consent for services from both parents or guardians, regardless of who the child resides with. Copies of current parenting orders are required for services to be provided. 

My child's other parent has not been in their life for a number of years. Do they still need to consent to services?

The short answer is yes. While each situation is unique, typically unless a parent has lost their parental rights through court process their consent is required for their child to receive services. If a parenting order states the custodial parent has sole medical decision making then consent from the other parent is not required.

My ex-partner will not consent for services. Can my child still come to counselling?

Unless consent is received from all legal parents or guardians, counselling services cannot be provided except through court order. Consultation on this process is available.

Can you testify in court at our custody hearing?

This is not recommended. Testifying in court can threaten the therapeutic alliance in place with the children receiving therapy. Services offered by Wheatland County Counselling are therapeutic in nature, not legal. It is important that your child's therapist remains a neutral party in place to support your child and both parents.