Counselling for Children

When your child is going through a challenging time, it is natural for a parent to feel a multitude of overwhelming emotions. Wheatland County Counselling works closely with parents and other family members to help children and families heal.


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Play Therapy

Play is a child's language; toys are their words. Young children do not have the cognitive abilities to integrate, verbalize, and process stressful experiences. Play therapy is an evidence based practice that helps children identify, express, and process their emotions, increase their self esteem and self efficacy, and ultimately leads to better adjustment. Click below for more information on play therapy and how it works.

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Trauma Intervention

All children experience stressful events in their lives; some are able to manage these emotions better than others. What many may not realize is that a wide variety of experiences can be traumatizing for children. The death of a pet, the divorce of a parents, abuse, witnessing domestic violence, can all have the same impact on a child's nervous system and their ability to function at home, school, and play. A trauma informed play therapy approach helps children address their difficulties in an age appropriate, engaging way.

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Family Therapy

Parenting is hard. Having a child with unique emotional needs, or going through family transitions makes parenting even harder. It is natural for parents to feel frustrated and helpless when their child experiences behavioural or emotional difficulties at home or school. Wheatland County Counselling works closely with parents and families to increase parental capacity and strengthen bonds, and ultimately restore balance and harmony within family units.