Wheatland County Counselling

Therapy for Children

Therapy for Children

We offer a warm, compassionate, and understanding setting to help children with issues such as:

  • Assisting children to adjust to school, friends, and family when diagnosed with ADHD
  • Offering children anger management strategies
  • Assisting children to recognize and manage anxiety
  • Counselling children about attachment issues
  • Employing therapy to improve behaviour problems
  • Offer families that have children with special needs counselling
  • Teaching children coping skills
  • Offer treatment to children with depression
  • Providing treatment to children with developmental behaviour challenges
  • Offering therapy to children in families experiencing divorce and post-divorce adjustment
  • Counselling children with emotional regulation issues
  • Helping children with eating disorders
  • Providing therapy to children dealing with family conflict
  • Counselling children suffering from grief, bereavement and loss
  • Offering peace to children struggling with School issues such as bullying and peer conflict
  • Assessing and guiding children toward gaining positive self-esteem
  • Delivering strategies and treatment to help children learn stress management
  • Diagnosing and providing counselling to children going through self-harm challenges
  • Diagnosing, setting up advising and providing therapy for children at risk of suicide 
  • Assisting children with coaching to deal with trauma

Divorced ParentsPlease note that unique policies apply when working with a child from a family where parents are divorced or separated. Standards of practice in Alberta require consent for services from both parents or guardians, regardless of where the child resides. We need copies of your current parenting arrangements to provide appropriate services. Contact us for more information.

Need some answers?

We’ve included commonly asked questions by our clients in our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to guide you.

Counselling at WCC includes talk therapy, psychotherapy, coaching, feedback, and specific treatment. Registered psychologists at WCC provide psychological services. Psychological services at WCC entail counselling, but these therapists can offer diagnosis, assessment and particular treatment modalities. All registered Psychologists at WCC provide psychological services and counselling.

WCC offers counselling and psychological services. You must check with your health insurance provider to see what service they will cover; this will help you decide which therapist’s services might be right for you. WCC direct bills with Alberta Blue Cross only. If you have another insurance provider, you may pay for your service at the time of the appointment, and WCC will provide you with a receipt so you can get reimbursed from your provider.

Alternative ways to pay for treatment are out of pocket, through your health benefits account (insurance), and potential community grants. Some therapists may have a pro bono caseload which you can inquire about.

Counselling and treatment costs depend on the therapist’s expertise, education, experience, and licensing board. Session costs can range from $180 to $220 per hour. Some therapists also offer a sliding scale hourly rate, which we can discuss with you when you inquire.

The number of sessions depends on every individual’s presenting issues and concerns and willingness to do the work. On average, clients need 10 to 20 sessions.

No. Your sessions will be in the same format and equally successful, in person, via video calls, or on the phone.

All sessions are private and confidential.

Meeting with a counsellor to discuss your worries and concerns about your child’s struggles will help you and your child. Please speak to our office manager as a first step to determine whether counselling is needed.

You can always suggest counselling as an option to help them: we offer family counselling, providing a safe environment for you to voice your concerns with or without them. Our counsellors can also meet with you one on one and help you brainstorm the best ways to approach your parents with your concerns.

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