Privacy Policy

Your privacy is very important to us. Accordingly, we have developed this Policy in order for you to understand how we collect, use, communicate and disclose and make use of personal information. The following outlines our privacy policy.

What is Personal Information

Any information that is recorded in any form regarding the client (individual) or an individual whose identity may be inferred from such information.  The Personal Information and Protection Act requires that all Alberta businesses have a privacy policy authorized as of Jan 01, 2004.  Personal Information may include personal contact information, emails, intake form, personal history, medical information, employee information, history of client, personal health information, financial information such as credit card numbers or credit card authorization.

How Is Information Collected

Information is collected through the intake form, consent form, treatment documentation, email and or homework materials.  This information is strictly confidential.  There are exceptions to this confidentiality as outlined on the Consent for Treatment form.  Confidentiality can be altered if: consent is given to release personal information,  there is imminent risk of physical harm to self or others, Court has directed under competent jurisdiction, and any information relating to harm of a vulnerable person (minor, child abuse, and special needs). When working with other jurisdictions such as school divisions, government, Child and Family Services, some information may be subject to FOIP - Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

Health Professions Act

The regulatory body for Registered Psychologist is the College of Alberta Psychologists.  The College has specific requirements to its members in order to be registered.  The College has the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice which outlines the professional conduct of its members. 

Each regulatory body has its own set of Code of Ethics, and Standards of Practice, please feel free to visit each site to obtain this information for your viewing.

Protection of Personal Information

A Registered Psychologist is trained and obligated under its profession to understand the importance of privacy and confidentiality of personal information.  Wheatland County Counselling ensures the security of personal information that is held by the practice through: administering an encrypted safeguard (username, password, and encryption code) to all electronic forms and files, using a reasonably secure storage means, and restricted personnel access.  Files in paper form have restricted access and are confined by locked file cabinets. 

Retention of Personal Information

Regulation requires that personal information and treatment files be retained for a specific period of time as outlined through the College of Alberta Psychologists. After the required period of time, Wheatland County Counselling may destroy such files that exist over the regulated timeline.  

Accessing Information

Individuals have the right to access records which contain their personal information.  If an individual requests their personal information, Wheatland County Counselling will supply duplication of file within a reasonable amount of time.  If the file is extensive a fee may be charged for duplication as stated on the consent for treatment form.  All requests for personal information need to be done in writing and the request must state a clear understanding for the scope of the request.  Requests for information can be mailed or delivered to the therapist you are working with.