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Who We Help

Counselling Services

We offer counselling, diagnosis, and treatment to help with anything you might be struggling with, from anxiety to depression, ADHD and more.
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We offer a warm, compassionate, and understanding setting to help children with issues such as:

  • Children suffering from depression
  • School-age children exhibiting school anxiety
  • Diagnosing and living with ADHD
  • Helping children work through behavioural problems at school and home
  • And more

Our therapists offer adolescents and teens coping skills to help with issues, such as:

  • Guiding teens and adolescents through strategies to deal with depression
  • Offering teens a means to work through social and school anxiety
  • Helping youth with sexuality concerns
  • Providing adolescents with support and plans to work through behavioural Issues.
  • Preparing for post secondary
  • And more
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We provide a safe, nonjudgmental atmosphere to express and explore your struggles, emotions, hopes and desires.

  • Helping adults learn stress management
  • Guiding adults through depression
  • Offering solutions to adults with anxiety
  • Proving adults with relief from Trauma
  • And more
Our therapy and relationship counselling gives you the tools to work through challenges together.
  • Helping couples address sexuality concerns
  • Dealing with infidelity in relationships
  • Helping partners work on their communication methods
  • Assisting couples with their unmet emotional needs
  • And more
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We strengthen the family unit using numerous therapeutic approaches to match your unique needs.
  • We offer strategic family therapy
  • Our team specializes in systemic family therapy
  • We offer attachment therapy
  • We employ brief strategic family therapy
  • And more
Our therapy and counselling provide catered solutions to your anxiety, depression and other challenges holding you back.
  • We offer strategies to help individuals with anger management
  • Our team helps individuals understand and work through anxiety
  • We provide counselling to help individuals gain relief from depression
  • And more
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